Single Visits, Packages of Visits, and Monthly Unlimited available.

Ergoline SunRise 420
- 10 minute Maximum Exposure time 
-42 x 200-Watt Turbo Power UV Lamps
-Silent Cooling Ventilation System 
-Provides a deep all-over tan that is achieved in 1 quick tanning session

Prosun X7  / Ergoline Advantage 400
-4 400 Watt facial lamps 
-42 160 watt ruva VHR lamps
- 5 step body and facial cooling 

Sundome XL48
- 48 160 Watt VHR lamps
-10 minute maximum exposure time 
-Advanced cooling and after tan cooling system
-Unique design and shape to put tanner at the center of tanning intensity

Prosun V5 Standup & Luxura X3 
-12 minute maximum tanning time
-42 180 watt XL High Intensive Lamps 
-Professional results 
-Discover the ease and speed of stand up tanning 
-The Luxura X3 is the strong all-around tanning bed

Sunstar ZX30 
-30 100 watt lamps 
- Choice of 3 400 watt facial lamps or non-facial 
-20 minute maximum tanning time 

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